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     Defining Horsemanship Workshops at the J-K Ranch


February 2018

Defining HorseManShip Workshop at the J-K Ranch 

Angels Camp, CA.            Sunday February 25, 2018

When I ask horse owners  what they would like to work on with their horses and their horsemanship, they often reply that they want to get their horses ‘used to’ cows. I’m not sure what ‘get used to’ really means but what I think I am hearing when they say this is that they want ‘someone’ else to get their horse used to cows, removing themselves from the equation. Really it’s the rider themselves that need to get comfortable around cows. If the rider is comfortable and understands what to expect around cows they can help their horses become more comfortable around cattle.

Riding around cows in a controlled environment is a great way to build confidence in you and your horse and to refine your horsemanship skills. Exposure and working your horse with cattle can teach you how to handle other situations as well ( things that pop up) while riding in an arena with many other horses or out of the arena on the trail with all kinds of wildlife or moving through large herds of cattle that may be grazing. My mare is most startled by birds, all kinds of birds… so, I keep her mind on the cows we are out there looking for, even if there aren’t any!

Defining HorseManShip Workshop: Introduction to Cattle for you and your horse…. $150 horse/rider

Auditors welcome…$20

10AM to 2PM

6 Riders max

Bring Lunch

This is a workshop to introduce you and your horse to cows with a different perspective and focus on cowmanship. How cows think and how to direct them in a ranch environment practical to ranch work.  It will be slow and basic, you don’t have to have any experience, or you may want to expose an inexperienced horse.

In the morning we will start with some exercises that we will use throughout the day: Some we will do from the ground and some we will be helping you from the ground while you are in the saddle. Most of you can practice this before you come on the day of the workshop.

•Isolate moving the Forehand vs Hindquarters


•Side passing

•Rein positions to support these movements.

•Understanding the drive line

•Mirror games

We will bring in a few cows to play with in the afternoon. We will work with you at your level and where your horse is comfortable.


call: 209-785-7066

January 2018

Defining HorseManship ‘What to do Next’ Workshop

The New Year is Here!
Day one...a full moon night.
It will shine upon us
full and bright.
What do we do
what is next?
In our new
Horsemanship quest.
The ‘Purge’ of old habits
and unwanted behaviors,
from us and our horses,
began in December.
Where to start now?
The first thing is to remember what we want to do better.
This workshop for our horses to follow up after the purge, with what to do next...and how!

Saturday January 20, 2018
10 AM to 2 PM
$100 per Horse and Rider, $125 with our horse. 

 Bring lunch

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How now Brown Cow?

Better balance, better timing, more feel.....

Refined rein use for an independent seat.
I often help people with the reins and the use of the reins. Riders are either afraid to use

them or they overwork them. Everyone hopes they have light hands, but in fact, are just the opposite. Being ineffective is just as hard on your horse as being heavy handed.

Controlling your emotions to build confidence in your horse.
In the ‘Purge ‘ workshop we addressed fear, or uncertainty in

ourselves when we are riding or working with our horses. Our emotions are probably the biggest factor involved with how our horses behave around us and when we ride. We may need to revisit a little more purging of the emotions we don’t want and replace them with emotions that help.


Remember, horses are emotionally driven and their emotions are balanced through motion.

Becoming more particular without being critical. Bringing in Feel, Timing and Balance again here....

If you have a greater awareness of the ‘Feel’ you are getting, (or not) and learn to quit doing what you are doing when you need to....that’s the ‘Timing’ factor, ‘Balance’ happens. I know I’ve said it a million times but, being particular about your Feel, Timing, and Balance rather

than being critical, chastising your horse when it’s really you, or making excuses about why your horses do what they do, or coming up with reasons why you can’t stop doing what you’ve always done, is HOW you are going to get to the next level in your Horsemanship.

Again, we will start with some individual time with you and your horse to warm up. I’ll be looking for things to be particular about. Then we will work together in a group.

At the J-K Ranch 7066 Pool Station Rd Angels Camp, Ca


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