Defining HorseManShip Coaching 


Defining Horsemanship at the J-K Ranch is offered January through Mid June. And starts up again Mid October through Dec 15th. 

Saturdays 10 AM to 2 PM

Small groups of up to 8 people working on a variety of horsemanship subjects, issues and topics as they occur, both as a group and as individuals.  

Unlike traditional "lessons", Coaching Days are more informal and allow for a longer time frame in which to develop your horsemanship in a casual no-pressure environment.
Jim or Karen are available for coaching and guidance, to answer questions and to demonstrate techniques. 

Coaching packages get 3 Sessions for $150 ! 
At less than $15 an hour, we think this is the most cost effective, continuous support program we offer for you and your horse. Our horsemanship programs are geared for adults, generally 16 year old or older. (We do make exceptions upon evaluation.) 

Package sessions need to be completed within 6 weeks.
(One day participation: $75 per session)


Reflective Ground Work 

Jim and Reno

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Ranch Riding

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