Ranch Raised Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

Calaveras Beef and Lamb

At the J-K, we are committed to giving all of our livestock the best life possible, in the most natural environment we can offer to them.

•Our cattle and sheep are raised on grass and forage available throughout the ranch, and supplemented when needed with grass, alfalfa and forage hay.
•A major benefit of raising animals on pasture is that their products are healthier for you.  For example, compared with feedlot meat, meat from grass-fed beef, bison, lamb and goats has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories.  It also has more vitamin E, betacarotene, vitamin C, and a number of health promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA.
•We do not use antibiotics, hormones or any unnecessary vaccines on animals heading to the food table, and you are welcome to come visit or participate in the life of the animals, from birth to processing.


Raised at the J bar K Ranch

We feel the healthiest way to raise meat is to participate in the entire process, adhering to careful consideration of the environment in which our livestock live with us.  Livestock that are able to spread out and graze keeps the water clean and free of contamination that occurs in crowded feedlots from buildup of manure in the feeding areas.
Finally, we are able to embrace the natural process of raising the animals and bringing them to the table, knowing where our food comes from and we consider their lives valuable to us.

For more information and suggestions about your order, please call
Jim or Karen Hagen

Because we are a small hands-on operation, we raise only a few select steers at this time, allowing for the few we have to be of the highest quality.  Orders can be made in advance with a 25% deposit to insure that when the animal is ready to process and that supply is limited, your selection will not be sold.  We welcome payments after your deposit.
Note:  We sell our beef and lambs per head with average weights

"We wanted you guys to know that this last side of beef has been exceptional; lean, but tender (when cooked rare).  We also like the way the meat was processed in the vacuum bags that allow you to see what is inside."...L.S.

"Hi.  Wanted to let you know your beef is delicious and tender.  This year, a friend of ours bought his grass fed beef from a place in Oakdale and it was much cheaper.  However, he says his wife does not like the taste of it.  He said the cow was really young, don't know if that was a factor in the quality or taste or it was something else about the environment or stock.  Whatever you are doing with your cows keep it up!"...C.F.    

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